Grounding in the Present

Our heads are full these days. 

So often, they are filled with thoughts; overthinking the past and what’s gone before, second guessing our decisions and beating ourselves up the things we feel we could have done better. Alternatively, we’re living in the future, in the worries of tomorrow, or next month, or next year, planning and preparing for every eventuality.

We are so busy thinking and going over what’s gone before and what’s to come with a fine tooth comb that the one place we forget to be present in is the here and now. 

What grounding exercises can help us do is to manage the tendency to inhabit the past and the future in our minds, and, for at least a short while, bring our focus and our attention to the present moment. 

Below are two videos with simple grounding exercises, Take 5 and Colour Counting, which can bring our rushing minds back from the past and the future to ground us in the present. 

These can serve to give us some peace as we appreciate the gifts, relationships and moments of peace that this present moment may have to offer us.